“Ultraviolet C type light can provide two solutions during a Pandemic”


1.  According to the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University, continuous low doses of Ultraviolet C light can kill airborne flue viruses without harming human tissues.  Importantly, the findings suggest that the use of overhead far-UVC light in hospitals, doctors; offices, schools, airports, and other public spaces will inactivate the influenza virus.  Additional research titled “Disrupting the Transmission of Influenza A: Face Masks and Ultraviolet Light as Control Measure,” by Martin Meyer Weiss, MD, Peter D. Weiss, MD, Danielle E. Weiss, MD, and Joseph B. Weiss, MD concluded that facemasks and UV-C light, are clearly an inferior strategy compared with an effective vaccine and antiviral agents for influenza A.


2. William G. Lindsley, Stephen B. Martin, Jr., Robert E. Thewlis, Khachatur Sarkisian, Julian O. Nwoko, Kenneth R. Mead, and John D. Noti published “Effects of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) on N95 Respirator Filtration Performance and Structural Integrity.”  The research concluded that the capacity to disinfect and reuse disposable N95 respirators may be needed during a PANDEMIC of an infectious disease that spreads by airborne particles.  Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation is one possible method for accomplishing this.


The aforementioned research studies show that UVC light can serve two purposes during a pandemic like we are experiencing today.  Anyone can sterilize their personal items such as keys, phones, money, wallet etc.  This can include sterilizing personal protective equipment (PPE) that has been contaminated by a virus.  However, the UVC light can degrade the efficacy of the PPE if overexposed, and or done too many times.  Personal protective equipment reacts or degrades differently based on the material or quality of the PPE.

That being said, if you don’t have additional PPE, you can sterilize it with UVC light.  However, please be sure understand that you can do it only so many times before it is deemed ineffective.  In addition, be mindful that UVC light can cause sunburn; therefore, use PPE and UV glasses when sanitizing PPE.  Sanitizing PPE and reusing it is better than having NO PPE.  Also, UVC light can kill the virus mitigating or minimizing possible exposure.


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“Ultraviolet C type light can provide two solutions during a Pandemic”

April 9, 2020

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