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  • 200 Lumens per Watt (Lab Verified)

  • No Heat Sink 

  • No Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

  • Uses 35% - 60% Less Energy

  • 99.9% Recycable

  • USA Patented Technology

  • 117,000 Hours or 45 Years (Lab Verified)

Tired of buying junk LED lights? Like LED lights with failing drivers, overheating LED’s, flickering lights and a decreasing efficacy. If yes, we introduce a USA patented technology – “LS CORE.” LS CORE is the solution to the 1st generation of failing LED lights. Introducing the 2nd generation of LED Light Bulbs, which consumes 60% less energy than fluorescent bulbs and 35% less energy than the best LED T8 light bulb.  Amazingly the LS Core T8 light bulb delivers an unimaginable result, which is irrefutable.  The LS Core T8 bulb was tested (LM-80) and proven by Light Laboratory Inc. CA on 9/4/2018 (See Appendix).   The T8 LS CORE test was conducted without a Printed Circuit Board (PCB), NO heat sink (radiator), while providing a record breaking 200 Lumens per Watt at a measured 39.8 °C on the LED’s.  LS Core technology is a US patented technology that does not require a PCB or heatsink, 35% more efficient, and can be manufactured in USA.  Due to the absence of a PCB and a heatsink, the production per tube is 40% faster, and costs less.  Lastly, the majority of LED light failures occur due to a PCB failure; therefore, the LS CORE Technology failure rate is significantly reduced, increasing the longevity beyond 117,000 hoursSimply said, LS CORE LED lights: lasts longer, costs less, and saves more money than any other LED light!

ls core led t8 light comparisson results

On March 19th, 2020 Andrey Zykin and Nick Gilewski conducted several lighting experiments and comparisons. The experiments were conducted with various instrumentation, all of which are accurate and calibrated.  Table 2 lists the equipment used for the experiment and Table 3 lists the specific experiments and comparison results.

The test was conducted to measure 6 different light bulb attributes of 4’ T8 bulbs and strips, which were installed in a 4’ troffer.  The five attributes that were measured during the experiment: (1) Lux, (2) Watts, (3) Power Factor, (4) Percent Flicker, and (5) Infra-red maximum found Temperature degrees in Fahrenheit, and color Temperature in Kelvin. 

It is important to note that measurements and experiment were conducted with specific test requirements and procedures:

  • Only one light troffer was illuminating at a time while taking measurements

  • The lux meter was placed exactly 56” away (Figure 1), and in the middle of the illuminating troffer being analyzed

  • The ambient temperature, was and remained, 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the testing

  • Testing was done in a darkened room and remained consistent thru ought the testing

  • The door on each troffer was closed placing the light bulbs behind troffer light diffuser

  • Prior to taking measurements, each troffer was aged and or “on” for 20 minutes

  • All light bulbs are new and not seasoned

  • Infra-red measurements were taken with troffer door open, and or removed diffuser


The measurements and experiments for the 6 different light bulb attributes were conducted 6 different times using the same testing methodology.  The experiment was conducted to compare 6 different types of 4’ T8 light bulbs and or LED strips. The test utilized: 4 – 4’ T8 Type B LED Superlighting 16 Watt bulbs, 2 – 4’ Envirolite LED strips, 2 – LS CORE LED strips, 4 – 4’ T8 LED LS CORE 8 Watt bulbs, 4 – 4’ Type A LED Superlighting 12 Watt bulbs, and 4 – 4’ T8 32 Watt Satco fluorescent bulbs.

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results table ls core t8 led wattage fli
ls core led t8 light infra red results.p
ls core led t8 light.png
ls core led t8 light infra red.png


  1. Super-EFFICIENT with TRUE 200 Lumens per Watt, verified by 3rd party certified lab.

  2. Super-RELIABLE with 117,000 hours, L70, TM21 up to 45 years life span.

  3. Super-FLEXIBLE with True 3D design that fits any type of light applications: ambient, special, bulbs, linear, grow, military, aviation. 

  4. Super-ROBUBST with NO PCB, low heat production, weighs less, withstands vibration, and is IP68 capable.  Amazingly, 90% of light could be damaged and still work.

  5. Super-PRODUCTION capable.  NO PCB, NO heat sink, allowing for a fully automated manufacturing process resulting in minimal assembly time.

  6. Super-GREEN technology using no PCB, which would require acids, paints, solvents, washing, and drying.  Most importantly, LS CORE technology is 99.9% recyclable.

  7. Super-COMPATIBLE technology that can be used with ANY LED manufacturer drivers, ANY type driver, while utilizing simple inexpensive materials such as glass and aluminum; plastic is not a requirement. Compatible with DC power sources for example, photo-voltaic cells and wind turbines.

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“Consumers May Not Be Able To Control The Price Of Energy, But Consumers Can Control How Well It’s Used.”