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OLD Electrical Service

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Are your lights going dim in your house when you start your vacuum clearer, when you sump pump turns on, or when you refrigerator compressor turns on?  You may have a loose and or bad connection in your electrical service.  If you do not get this fixed asap, you could risk damaging all your appliances in your home due to an under or over voltage condition.  We can come out and inspect your electrical service and circuit breaker box and give you an experienced professional assessment.  If it is just a lose connection, complete replacement, and or an upgrade...We are here to help with over 20 years experience.  We will be up front and honest with all costs and associated work.  Give us a call at Go Green Electric 716-563-1674

NEW Electrical Service

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Upgraded from a 100 Amp service to a 200 Amp service, with a new feed breaker.  The new breaker outside at the service allows for the ease of safely connecting a generator.

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“Consumers May Not Be Able To Control The Price Of Energy, But Consumers Can Control How Well It’s Used.”