What is Go Green Electrically, Inc?


  • Go Green Electrically is first and foremost a full-service electrical engineering consulting firm providing cost saving solutions. Go Green Electrically specializes in "Green Energy Solution." 

    • Sustainability

    • Renewable Energy

    • Power conditioning

    • Power Factor correction

    • Battery storage

    • Solar heaters

    • Automation

    • Control Systems

    • LED lights 

    • Custom energy savings projects

  • Secondly, Go Green Electrically is a multi-vendor e-commerce store that focuses on energy efficient consumer electrical products thereby promoting the reduction of carbon emissions created to generate electricity.

    • Go Green Electrically will allow the consumer to compare products from an energy efficiency, carbon emission, customer ratings, and cost perspective.

    • The market value for green electrical products is over $700 million and is growing at an enormous rate. Go Green Electrically will take on a semblance of Amazon, Etsy, and Google Shopping, but with a focus on green electrical products.

  • Lastly, Go Green Electrically will centralize the myriad number of green electrical manufactures, stores and vendors thus providing a wide array of variable products of home or industrial electrical products for customers.

    • Go Green Electrically will allow manufactures, stores, and vendors a medium or platform to promote and sell the latest green technology available.​


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“Consumers May Not Be Able To Control The Price Of Energy, But Consumers Can Control How Well It’s Used.”